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As with anything, wind energy has its supporters and opponents and many arguments from both sides. The information provided here covers the general, most prominent concerns and benefits of wind energy. Before making any decision, you will need to research your community's zoning laws, your property's size (usually at least one-half acre of unobstructed land), average wind speeds of at least 10 mph, the amount of electricity you will need and whether or not your utility company offers net metering (connecting to the electric grid.) You will also want to look into whether or not there are any federal or state programs or tax credits available to you.

Once you have made a decision to install a wind turbine, take the time to investigate the manufacturers you are considering. A good list of questions to ask is at the website of the American Wind Energy Association. You can find distributors of systems, supplies, and kits on my Resources page.

Wind energy is becoming very popular and has spurred many communities to establish wind turbine ordinances stating what is and isn't allowed. With increased consumer demand, wind technology will improve, the prices will come down, and jobs will be created in both manufacturing and installation.